At The Nerdy Python our goal is to make the snake keeping hobby easy for everyone.  Utilizing AI and other Cloud technologies to help with your daily chores of keeping snakes.


Our Beginning

The Nerdy Python began as just an idea due to the lack of tools out there for managing snakes.  Most were only apps and only offered limited functionality.  So I started building a end to end solution that will include record keeping, sales of snakes, breeding records and more.  Come join us on our journey as the site and applications progress.


Our Mission

To offer services and tools for people in the snake keeping hobby to allow for easier management and tracking of their snakes while also allowing for features for new breeders like personalized breeder pages in the app and a market feature to sell, buy, and rate sellers.


Get Involved

You can help drive the resources of the application and what features we decide to add.  Become a Patron and get the latest updates on what we are launching, become a member of the supporters page and have your information readily available for users to access like your YouTube, Facebook, etc.  Great for new breeders starting up and looking for that extra advantage.

Become a Patron today and get involved and help us to make this site a one stop shop for everything snake related.